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Embroidery Service

What is Embroidery

Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. Stitch & Print use industrial embroidery machines to achieve a multi coloured, high quality, long lasting finish.

Why Choose Embroidery?

When it comes to branding apparel with a long lasting professional look, nothing quite compares to the vision of your logo stitched right into the fabric.

For professional workwear we would recommend your logo or text embroidered on to our range of polo shirts, jackets & fleeces, aprons, caps & hats and business shirts. For professional sportswear we would recommend your logo or text embroidered on to our range of sports tops, jackets and bottoms.

Artwork Guidelines

Below are a few key points regarding artwork to help you when placing your order.

Maximum sizes we can embroider

For embroidery the maximum width we recommend is 15cm. The height of your logo or text will automatically be scaled based on the width. A design is considered to have a high stitch count if it is greater than 15cm wide and on repeat embroidery designs with 25,000 stitches or more. Because of this, it requires extra time and significant extra costs meaning it is higher price. Take a look at our pricing guide to find out more.

Positions we can embroider

We can embroider designs in a wide range of positions; the positions available depends on the garments you select. Typical positions include left or right chest, left or right sleeve, nape of neck and so on (see our positions guide). If the positions available aren't quite right for your needs, we can still help you. Just contact our expert team before placing your order for help.

File types we accept

You can upload your image or logo file online with our easy to use ordering process. We accept the following image types: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, ai, eps, ps, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff, tif. The maximum size file you can upload per logo is 50mb

Artwork quality

In general, you should try and upload the best quality version of your logo or image you have to ensure the best end results. We generally ask for files to be 300 DPI or higher. If you upload a file that is too low quality to print or embroider, our team will contact you to discuss how best to proceed.

Embroidery limitations

There may be certain limitations, such as those with colour gradients or very intricate designs. However, our expert team will work with you once your order is placed to adjust your design so it can be produced as a good quality embroidery.

Embroidery Prices


Price Per Application





11-35 £3.50






Embroidery Prices (High Stitch Count)


Price Per Application












The price of applications is based on the total number of applications you have within your order. So, if you have 10 applications on one set of items, and 90 on another within the same order, you will qualify for the 100-249 price. Application costs apply in addition to the one-time setup charges. All applications must be within a single order to qualify for the bulk discounts. 

High stitch count embroidery pricing applies on designs greater than 15cm wide and on repeat embroidery customisations with 25,000 stitches or more due to the significant extra costs and time incurred to produce them. Over 95% of embroidery applications we produce contain less than 25,000 stitches.

Setup Charges

When ordering a customisation for the first time, a setup charge will be applied to your order. The setup cost covers the time and expense of converting the file or text you upload into a format that can be used by our embroidery machines, this is called digitising.

Once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.