How To Customise Your Item – Stitch & Print NI

How To Customise Your Item

  • Select all the items you need customised and add to the cart.
  • Go to the cart
  • The choice of application is embroidery or vinyl transfer, click the customise button for the type of application you require. You can use both customise buttons if you require both types of applications.
  • Once you click on the customise button you will be taken to the customise your item page.

  • Enter to total number of applications you require.

For example

If you have added 10 polo shirts and 5 work trousers to the cart and require your logo on each item the total number of applications will be 15 or if you want your logo on 2 positions on the polo shirts and 1 position on the trousers the total applications will be 25.

  • Next click yes or no to First Time Set Up. If you have not used Stitch & Print before there will be a one-off extra cost for digitising and setting up your logo/text to be used by the embroidery machine or vinyl cutter. You will not be charged this fee on subsequent purchases.
  • Next choose the type of application required. The image below is for customisation type embroidery and first time set up.

  • Next choose the position for your applications. The image below is for 10 polo shirts and 5 pairs of trousers with 2 applications on each.

  • Next upload your logo or image of text depending on your application choice.

  • If you know the colour codes for your logo or text enter them in the box provided or choose from the thread colours. If you are not sure or your colours are not showing, leave blank and we will match your logo/text to the embroidery threads available.
  • Once you are happy with your choices click add to chart
  • The application quantity discounts will then be applied.