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Printing Service

Vinyl Transfer 

Vinyl transfer printing works by a machine which cuts out a design onto a single-colour sheet of vinyl. The vinyl design is then heat sealed on to the garment using a heat press. This creates a vibrant, bold finish that will really stand out.

The design to be printed is given an outline which is achieved using specialised design software. The digitised design is then ready to be cut and used. It is put through a Computer Aided Design cutter which electronically cuts the design onto a single colour sheet of vinyl which then needs to be taken out from the vinyl sheet, this is done manually using a weeder, in a process called weeding. The cut design is then placed on application tape to prepare it to be heat transferred. Next, the design is heat pressed in the correct position on to the garment. The garment must be cooled and then the application tape is taken off.

Vinyl printing is fantastic for single and two-colour orders as it can do this proficiently for any order size at a better cost than direct-to-garment printing. It is great for lettering and especially for vibrant t-shirts with a personalised message like those you might order for a stag or hen trip, as vinyl is low-cost and great for one-off orders. As the design effectively sits on top of the garment, no vibrancy in the colour of the design is lost.

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is one of the most traditional methods of printing and is great for large orders of 250+, It involves the application of colour with ink directly through a screen onto the garment. Screen printing allows large and complex designs to have a really high quality finish. As the ink is absorbed into the garment, the finished design is smooth and glossy

In order to screen print an item the design has to be separate into the component colours on software such as Adobe Illustrator. Every colour requires a separate screen consisting of a very fine mesh surface which is produced using light reactive chemicals. Where the chemicals have been exposed to light, they breakdown and are washed off leaving spaces in the mesh. The ink can then be screen printed onto the garment direct or onto transfer paper which is later applied to garment by a heat press. If the direct printing method is used, the garment is placed on a solid board (platen). The colours are then applied individually by placing the screen manually or automatically on top of the garment and forcing the printers ink through the relevant screen stencil.

Artwork Guidelines 

Maximum sizes we can print

The maximum width for print is 30cm. The height of your logo or image will automatically be scaled based on the width you select.

Positions we can print

We can print designs in a wide range of positions; the positions available depends on the garments you select. Typical positions include left or right chest, full width across the front chest, left or right sleeve, full width across the top of the back and so on. If the positions available aren't quite right for your needs, we can still help you. Just contact our expert team before placing your order for help.

File types we accept

You can upload your image or logo file online with our easy to use ordering process. We accept the following image types: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, ai, eps, ps, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff, tif. The maximum size file you can upload per logo is 50mb.

Artwork quality

In general, you should try and upload the best quality version of your logo or image you have to ensure the best end results. We generally ask for files to be 300 DPI or higher. If you upload a file that is too low quality to print or embroider, our team will contact you to discuss how best to proceed.

Vinyl Transfer Prices


Price Per Application

1-4            Front


£6.00 one colour










The price of applications is based on the total number of applications you have within your order. So, if you have 10 print applications on one set of items, and 90 on another within the same order, you will qualify for the 100+ price. All applications must be within a single order to qualify for the bulk discounts.